Tuesday, November 30, 2004


lui_myc: hey! hws our day?BUZZ!!!lui_myc: I'VE WATCH THE dO gEESE sEE gOD ver: so far so greatver: u?ver: yikes nabasa mo na pala blog kover: ang ganda di ba?ver: natapos mo ba?lui_myc: HAAAH! VERY GREAT BECOZ WE DONT HAVE A CLASS AGAINver: bakit?lui_myc: NTAPOS KO PAULIT ULIT LANG PALA UN!! lui_myc: IS IT SOME KIND OF AN ADVERTISEMENT??lui_myc: WALA MGA PROF, GALING SILA SUBIC KAHAPON, PURO PAGOD KAYA WALA PASOKlui_myc: PATI KAMI NADAMAY...ver: nyek, hindi mo siya natapos kung paulit ulit ka langver: kasi may twist yun para matapos mover: you'd have to stop and smell the roseslui_myc: NICE JOURNAL BOUT HAZEL HA.... WHY DIDN'T YOU APPROACH HER YESTERDAY? OPPORTUNITIES SOMETIMES COME BUT JUST ONCE........ver: you think you know? you have no idea. hehelui_myc: STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES?? HANGANG ILANG ULIT BAGO NYA AAMUYIN UN? lui_myc: PERHAPS I DONT.....ver: isang ulit lang maaamoy mo na ang rosesver: naalala mo yung babae?ver: yun nalui_myc: YUP NABASA KO NGA UNG INSTRUCTION DI KO NAPANSIN NAGBAGO PLA UNG MOUSE' ARROWver: hehe ver: natapos mo na?ver: di ko din naman magets kahit matapos elui_myc: OK PALA.. NATAPOS KO DIN. NICE STORY WITH A TIMELY MESSGE.ver: buti ka pa nakuha mo yung msgver: ako hindi ehlui_myc: IN OUR BUSY LIFE, SOMETIMES WE TEND TO FORGET OTHER REASONS OF OUR EXISTENCE, WE FORGET OURSELVES, OUR LOVE ONES, HEALTH, STILLNESS, PEACE, GOD..........ver: wowver: galenglui_myc: ver: oklui_myc: ver: meron na ba yung tooth fairy?lui_myc: LA PA EHlui_myc: ver: ok mamayang gabi pa siguro yunver: e bakit "do geese see god ang title?lui_myc: AGENT ORANGE PAPANOORIN KO MMYA AT PORTRAIT.ver: panget parehover: pero pwede na dinver: hindi pala pangetver: mas maganda lang yung do geeselui_myc: IKAW DAW UNG GEESE, NAKIKITA MO DAW BA MINSAN SI GOD 'PAG BC KA?? ver: e bakit geese?ver: busy ba ang mga geese?lui_myc: IKAW DAW UNG GEESE, NAKIKITA MO DAW BA MINSAN SI GOD 'PAG BC KA?? ver: busy ba ang mga geese?lui_myc: SA PAGLIPAD ATA..... ver: dapat falcon na langver: do falcons see god?lui_myc: lui_myc: HAHAHA lui_myc: i'm inquiring at the civil service commission for schedule of exam. ver: magtetake ka?lui_myc: just inquiring........ver: ok, maganda daw yanlui_myc: gusto mo rin? ayoko, i'm busy as a geeselui_myc: BUZZ!!!lui_myc: dyan ka pa?ver: yupver: hanggang 6pmlui_myc: wat u doin?ver: workingver: working my asslui_myc: yaaaaaaahhhlui_myc: ver: e ikaw?ver: kanina ka pa diyan alui_myc: mdyolui_myc: pls read this onever: anong ginagawa mover: alin?lui_myc: During a company meeting, the president announced that he will be absent for a medical check-up. One member asked, "Are you sick?" "Yes, I'm suffering a terrible diseaseā€¦" he answered. "HIV!" he drastically continued. Everyone inside the conference room was shocked. There were tremors, gossiping, whispering and tensions. "Wait!" the president shouted, and then said, "It is HIV, as in 'Hair Is Vanishing'!" Then everyone just laughed. ver: nyekver: natawa ako nang kontilui_myc: eto palui_myc: My professor in mathematics, who loves using idiomatic expressions and with a hoax, had advised her weak class to bring "iodized salt" on their next exam. On the examination day, each of her students had with them a pack of "iodized salt". After the test, these excited students approached her and asked, "Ma'am, will you give more additional points to those with bigger packs?" She became very angry that day.ver: hehe. yan mas ok pa.lui_myc: wat seems to b wrong w/ this article or shall i say jokes? ver: alin?lui_myc: bothver: hindi naman kasi totoong salt ang pinapadala ng titserver: yung HIV naman cornylui_myc: i did both, would u mind doing some editing?ver: ikaw ang nagimbento niya?lui_myc: medyolui_myc: ver: hehe pwede nalui_myc: tnx!ver: welcomelui_myc: lui_myc: ver: ver: lui_myc: ver: ver: Too . . .much. . .stuffing. . .(blast)lui_myc: Hello? I know you're there. I can see you!lui_myc: Hello? I know you're there. I can see you!lui_myc: OH YEAHHHHH!ver: heyalui_myc: horsey horsey heeeyaaah!!!ver: yeeha yun alui_myc: gusto ko heeeyaaa elui_myc: ver: ok finelui_myc: lui_myc: ver: online si lycellui_myc: ano id or email add nya?ver: lycel_bernardo2000lui_myc: tnzxver: welcomelui_myc: accept nya kamo akolui_myc: offline sya s kin ever: ganun, offline siya sayover: baka tinataguan ka niyaver: i ym mo siyalui_myc: nagsend nkover: baka mali spelling mover: hmmmlui_myc: copy-paste nga lng gnawa ko ever: mukhang naiwan niya lang na nakabukas ang kanyangver: ymver: offline na siya sakinver: naiwan nga langlui_myc: false alarmlui_myc: ver: ding!lui_myc: lui_myc: c ate mechellelui_myc: ?lui_myc: cnong ding?ver: ding! alarm!lui_myc: hehelui_myc: online n syaBUZZ!!!


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